Are you Flourishing?

When you wake up do you wish you were excited about the possibilities the day holds?

Is your current path leading to the future you want for yourself? Maybe it’s unclear? Or too challenging to navigate?

Are you satisfied with your current level of personal and professional development? Or do you crave growth and exploration?

Are you receiving the encouragement and direction you need

When was the last time you felt truly inspired by your actions or achievements? 

What would your life look like if you had someone by your side to help you flourish?

If these questions strike a nerve, you aren’t alone. Many of us are in this awkward space right now. Having someone who understands and has been there empowers you to flourish.

What is Mentoring?

You are ready to take your life more seriously. To start a journey of self-discovery, growth and a better life overall.

You have a vague idea of the shape of what a “better life” means…but it’s hard to know where to start.

Mentorship is having someone journey with you – someone who’s been down a few roads, knows the ropes and is genuinely invested in helping you flourish. Someone to inspire, and hold space for you as you explore and open out the possibilities ahead. Someone to encourage and provide accountability.

It’s not about being told what to do. Picture a co-pilot alongside you. There to offer insights, share experiences and cheer you on. Helping you to navigate the twists and turns of your unique journey. Making it transformative and enjoyable.

But it’s not only about the journey; it’s about the destination too. A mentor is also that perceptive character in your favorite book – the one who nudges the hero in the right direction. Who helps you discover your strengths and guides you toward becoming the best version of yourself. The one who has your back.

A path in Tanglewood is made of circular stones surrounded by red leaves. To symbolizes the journey of self-discovery, growth and a better life overall that Ruth Acland's mentorship focus on.

At this crossroads, where you wonder how to align your life with your purpose, mentorship is the guide you need.

What is Mentoring to Flourish?

A handful of beautiful and vibrant purple flowers held by Ruth Acland. Just as her Mentorship to Flourish seeks to hold a safe space for you to flourish.

It’s the difference between having a conversation and feeling genuine connection and mutual support in your personal/professional life. 

It’s the difference between being shown a new path and finding a path that aligns with your authentic self.

This is not a “follow these steps to success” spiel. 

Mentoring to flourish is a living, breathing connection. It is a relationship where trust and mutual respect are the glue. It’s about co-creating space for your thoughts and ideas. A safe haven where you can be authentically you, without the fear of judgment.

It is a dynamic, two-way street. It’s the art of motivating and inspiring, a shared journey where both mentor and mentee contribute to the narrative. The mentor offers valuable perspectives, and shares lessons learned. In return, they witness and celebrate the mentee’s growth unfold. 

I’m here, ready to be a guiding voice, your companion who helps you unearth what truly matters to you. It’s not just about fitting the pieces together; it’s about aligning your heart’s desires with the rhythm of your life.

Your next adventure should be exciting. Approach the
unknown with confidence.

Are you serious about your growth? Having a mentor can be the difference between thinking about changing and actually doing it.

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