Pomegranate Seeds

Hammock welcoming the first permaculture intern to Tanglewood Farm

Permaculture Internship Unfolds

Introduction to the Inaugural Tanglewood Permaculture Intern, Autumn 2024.

In March 2024, the Tanglewood Permaculture Internship was announced with great fanfare and advertised with boundless optimism.

And now we are announcing the inaugural Tanglewood Permaculture Intern. Its official. Congratulations to Rachael Massey.

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Woodland Cottage on Tanglewood Permaculture Farm. Accommodations for those here for learning farming, permaculture agriculture, companion growing, and organic farming.

Regenerative Living Part Three: Woodland Cottage

Introducing Woodland Cottage, a symbol of societal healing and regeneration on Tanglewood Farm. The vision for Woodland Cottage is more than just accommodations for the permaculture interns. It is a place where we can co-create space for the healing and regeneration of soil, soul and society, so that all flourish.

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Regenerative Living Part Two: The Pomegranate Circle

The Pomegranate Circle is the space which connects who I am and what I do at Tanglewood, with the wider world, through the power of individual mentoring, the
synergistic healing of circle work and my writing and public engagement.

The name itself ‘Pomegranate Circle’ embodies the subtlety and complexity which happens in this space, so let’s dig deeper into the name, its symbolism
and application.

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