In8 Woman’s Circles

Hammock welcoming the first permaculture intern to Tanglewood Farm

Why sanction time for yourself?

Because you are a human being, not a human doing (doesn’t’ feel like that a lot of the time!)

It is always a good time to start prioritising yourself. The paradox is this:  the busier you are, the greater the benefits when you make time to simply be. Time to reflect. Time to regenerate and reconnect with your inner self. Time to connect woman to woman. And time to connect with earth and the natural world around you.

Which brings us to In8 Woman’s Circles.
Why circles?

The circle is a powerful symbol for women in many societies and cultures around the world. It represents the cycles of life, totality and wholeness, self and the infinite, timelessness, resilience and strength.

The circle itself is also a paradox: within the circle the whole is always more than the sum of the parts. Your individuality is encouraged and celebrated, your privacy respected, your journey your own, yet part of the circle.

Why In8?

Because it is your innate healing, wisdom and intelligence which we are tapping into to reinvigorate your energy and bring about transformational change in your life.

Why “Woman’s Circles”?

In8 Woman’s Circles provide a safe and supportive space for you to develop bonds, woman to woman. The circles foster trust, provide you with opportunities to share your story, to be seen, heard and valued, as you journey on your own path.

So much of the noise and hype of the modern world impacts both our external and internal worlds. It often makes it difficult to know who you are, or even how and what you really feel. It is not easy to discern what is actually true for you, from what you have been told through the deafening messages from others.

Consequently, you as a woman, may well feel overwhelmed, unsupported, and empty. You may feel a discordant disconnect between who you really are and how you are living your life.  And you may crave a closer connection to nature and the earth, which supports our very life.

Within the In8 Woman’s Circles there is the time and supportive space to quieten the noise from the external world. Time to tune into your inner self, listen to your body, and to steep your senses and your very being in nature.

Once there, you are encouraged to identify and strip away built-up layers of unrealistic and unhelpful expectations. You are able to meaningfully reflect and reconnect within, to find your centre, to honour and celebrate your true self.

Introducing: Hanna & Ruth
facilitators for the In8 Woman’s Circles 2023

Hi, I am Hanna Utzinger

I am a trained applied Kinesiologist practitioner. I also assist in the running of a vitalistic chiropractic practice in Queanbeyan, NSW. I cherish time in nature and with my family and friends.

I have many years experiences in women’s circles and find it highly rewarding. In my experience, the mutual support which develops through the unfoldment of personal empowerment is transformational for the individual and the circle.

I am passionate about the ability for you to create this transformation within your life, radiating out to your personal connections, community and the world.  I am fascinated with subtle energies that sustain all of life: the energy of emotion, heart and mind. This is the gift of the circle to you.

Hello, I am Ruth (Leonie-Ruth) Acland

I am a coach who has been working with Senior Women’s Leadership Programmes, Young Women’s Leadership Programmes, international sister circles, and women’s circles for twenty years. Over this time, I have had the privilege of witnessing the regenerative work of the circle in the lives of hundreds of women. And I have experienced the synergistic power of participating in a woman’s circle in my own life.

When a woman takes time to prioritise herself, change happens. When a woman shares her story within the trusted space created by the circle, healing happens, and precious life affirming bonds are forged, woman to woman.

My life passion is nurturing and bringing healing to soul and soil. I spend time gardening in our permaculture small holding. I harvest and prepare meals from earth’s abundance. I immerse myself in nature when and wherever I can – wild swimming, barefoot running, and enjoying the peace and enchantment of sunrise and sunset.

I bring my passion and enthusiasm for circle work, and an open heart, to work with you in In8 Woman’s Circles 2023.

In8Woman’s Circles are held in a private garden surrounded by natural bushland,
outside Queanbeyan, NSW

Cost: $55 per circle

Circles will be held during 2023 on:

  • 24th September; AWE – Awareness, Wonder, Enchantment
  • 8th October; Earth
  • 22nd October; Water
  • 5th November; Air
  • 19th November; Fire
  • 3rd December; Ether


Please get in touch via email to [email protected] or DM or text/phone Ruth on 0448 001 606

We look forward to welcoming you to In8 Woman’s Circles 2023

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