My Story

My Personal Background:

Life is full of seasons, cycles, and rhythms. My story encompasses seasons of parenting and fostering children, cycles of intense career focus, and great adventure. Throughout my story is the rhythm of change and growth, stability and consolidation. My story is a mixture of the marvellous and the mundane, with many themes which regularly recur.

I have always said “yes” to the opportunities which have come my way and allowed me to live, and travel, in different countries and cultures. I have learnt several languages and been exposed to many worldviews.

Family, community, and hospitability are important to me and have provided me with connections I need to learn and grow, love and serve.

Love of nature has enriched me since I was a child, loosing myself in the beauty of my grandmother’s garden. My continuing connection with nature led me to the great adventure of soil and soul which is Tanglewood, our permaculture inspired smallholding in rural Australia.

This part of my story has seen us regenerate an overgrazed bare paddock into a verdant productive smallholding. Tanglewood now provides nurture and shelter for all of nature. It has developed its own microclimate and is a place of healing for soil and soul.

My life story continues to evolve as I live with purpose, compassion and an ever-expanding sense of awe. My daily life is in rhythm with the cycles of nature, which are the backdrop for my transformative approach to living and the continual rewilding of my inner self.

My Professional Background:

I have a varied and dynamic career journey centring around teaching and advocacy. I have always had a service mindset and have made contributions to areas within education, equity and diversity, the multi-cultural space, and the women’s sector.

I am a strong advocate for developing dynamic career options for women. In particular, I have supported creative and concrete leadership pathways for women of all ages.

For many years I served as Vice-President on the National Board of the United Nations Women in Australia. I participated three years running in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women in New York. During this time, I chaired international meetings, facilitated global discussions, and delivered conference presentations, around the world.

My professional journey led me to working closely in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders at the University of Canberra Ngunnawal Centre. Jointly we introduced many initiatives into university life which supported the higher education experience for indigenous students and educated the campus on broader indigenous issues. This was a personal privilege and a professional high point in my career. At that same institution I also worked closely with international and domestic students to enrich their student experience.


I now run The Pomegranate Circle, providing Mentorship to Flourish.